RAPID Canada Conference at CMTS 2017

We’re excited about attending the RAPID Canada Conference later this month, which is an industry-leading forum for the latest developments in additive manufacturing (AM), 3D printing, and 3D scanning. As part of CMTS 2017, we’re looking forward to discussing the latest challenges in AM, including process control and monitoring, cost effective strategies for final machining, and effective Design for AM strategies.

Craig and James attended the RAPID + TCT Conference earlier this year in Pittsburgh, PA. Afterward, James was a panelist at the IMPRESSIONS FROM RAPID+TCT 2017 panel discussion held at our local SME Toronto Chapter 26. This was a lively exchange on the latest developments in AM as revealed at the RAPID conference. James summarized some of the insightful conversations that were had with representatives from a number of AM service providers. It is apparent that some providers make extensive use of 3D-X-Ray imaging (computed tomography), while others have had limited experience.

Fellow panelists, Dr. Mihaela Vlasea, and Dr. Ahmad Barari, commented that AM is becoming less about prototyping and more about manufacturing, particularly with the rapid progress being made with AM of metals in industries such aerospace and medical. Dr. Barari pointed out that there is a rather poor fit for AM in the current manufacturing paradigm, and that Canada is in a position to be strategic and contribute to a new manufacturing paradigm. We were fortunate to have active discussion with the SME members in the audience, who each brough their own experiences in AM to the discussion.

At Expanse, we help our clients integrate non-destructive testing methods, particularly 3D X-Ray imaging, into their product development and production processes. If you plan on attending the RAPID Canada Conference and are interested in discussing your experiences in additive manufacturing, please reach out to us. We’d love to meet you!

SME Toronto Chapter 26

Panelists and SME Toronto Chapter 26 members at the Impressions from Rapid+TCT 2017 panel discussion, held 18 May, 2017.