Founded in 2016, Expanse Microtechnologies Inc. provides customized 3D X-ray imaging to technology industries including aerospace and medical device manufacturers. Our research and industry expertise is devoted to providing our customers with the critical analyses needed to guide their product and process development. Our goal is to support the adoption of advanced manufacturing methods, in particular additive manufacturing of engineering alloys, technical ceramics, and composites. Drawing from the experience of our technical staff, this support extends to the development of new materials and coatings as well as accurate non-destructive and non-contact measurement of small, complex-shaped parts.

Core Team

James Hinebaugh, Ph.D.
James Hinebaugh, Ph.D.Co-founder
James began his career in support of the chemical manufacturing industry, working with facility managers across North America to create and implement a brand new EH&S system, SOCMA’s ChemStewards® program. Returning to school in 2008, James earned a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering for his work in characterizing and modeling composite micro-porous materials using X-ray CT and synchrotron X-ray radiography. Before co-founding Expanse with Craig and Zach, James had brief stints in both the R&D team at Hydrogenics and as a consultant for KPMG. Now, he brings his strong computed tomography knowledge and image processing expertise from his graduate work to the Additive and Advance Materials industries, where he is accelerating the development of transformational technologies.
Craig Metcalfe, Ph.D., P.Eng.
Craig Metcalfe, Ph.D., P.Eng.Vice President
Craig is a professional engineer with a multidisciplinary background in mechanical design, materials science, and manufacturing. In 2003 he began his career at General Motors of Canada Ltd. specializing in the design and testing of fastened joints. In 2006, he returned to graduate school where he developed plasma spray methods to make porous composite coatings for high-temperature fuel cells. On completing his graduate work, Craig returned to industry to design novel manufacturing equipment and processes for advanced coating systems at Quantiam Technologies Inc. Now, Craig brings his strong materials science and manufacturing background to focus on developing new materials and inspection methods for additive manufacturing.
Michael George, M.A.Sc.
Michael George, M.A.Sc.Applied Development Lead
Michael’s personal interest in additive manufacturing began during undergraduate studies in the mechanical engineering department at the University of Alberta. Since then, he has developed skills in additive manufacturing using his personal 3D printer and through exposure to metal additive processes. While pursuing a Masters degree and working as a research assistant at the University of Toronto he acquired significant experience in X-ray radiography and computed tomography characterization techniques. This encompasses experience obtained at multiple world-class research facilities, including the Canadian Light Source, Helmholtz Institute of Ulm, and the Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin. Working at Expanse Microtechnologies, Michael is able to combine personal interests with one of his strongest skillsets to develop novel image processing algorithms and application based solutions, extending what is possible using X-ray characterization techniques.
Peter H. Foss, Ph.D.
Peter H. Foss, Ph.D.Senior Advisor, Polymer Composites
Pete recently retired after 32+ years with General Motors Research and Development. He joined GM after receiving his BS from the University of Maine and his PhD from University of Connecticut. A Chemical Engineer by training, he worked on simulation of many different plastic and composite materials and processes including short and long fiber injection molding, direct long fiber (D-LFT) compression molding, thermoplastic draping, and thermoforming. Pete spent the bulk of his career in validation of coupled process and structural simulation using C-MOLD, Moldflow, Moldex3D, Aniform, Digimat, LS-DYNA, ABAQUS, etc. to predict dimensions, warpage and structural performance. Pete holds 11 US patents and has authored numerous papers and presentations. Now, Pete brings his 32+ years of experience in molding simulation and characterization of fiber filled polymers to the development of X-ray microscale computed tomography of composites.
Evan Wheat, M.A.Sc.
Evan Wheat, M.A.Sc.Applications Specialist
Evan began his undergrad in mechanical engineering at the University of Waterloo with the intent of pursuing a career in mechanical design, but ended up completing the program focusing on welding and metallurgy. His interests shifted towards materials after operating a series of additive manufacturing (AM) systems during undergraduate work terms and culminated with the development of a binder jetting printer as part of his capstone design project. He continued his work in AM by completing an M.A.Sc. at Waterloo, using X-ray CT to investigate and model the effects of particle size on the sintering behavior of binder jet components. After graduating, Evan worked as a Research Associate in the Multi-Scale Additive Manufacturing Lab at the University of Waterloo, investigating the effects of feedstock powders and printing parameters in metal AM processes. Evan is now at Expanse to continue working on the application of X-ray CT to explore AM and advanced materials.
Zach Fishman, M.A.Sc., P.Eng.
Zach Fishman, M.A.Sc., P.Eng.Advisor
Zachary is a Professional Engineer with a B.Eng. in mechanical engineering from McGill University and a M.A.Sc. from the University of Toronto. For his graduate research, Zach investigated porous carbon fiber electrodes for hydrogen PEM fuel cells using micro-CT. Zach was then a research associate and design engineer for the Centre for Global Engineering, where he prototyped and experimented for the Reinvent the Toilet Challenge, through a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Zach is currently pursuing his Ph.D. with the Orthopedic Biomechanics Lab at the University of Toronto and Sunnybrook Research Institute. He is working on new computer vision techniques and using additive manufacturing to improve surgical implant design. Zach is excited to help Expanse explore the intersection of CT imaging for advanced materials and additive manufacturing.