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About Weigang Our Honors Top Management Team

Mr. Cai Zhuhua (蔡珠華)

Executive Director,the chairman of the Board,the chief executive officer


        Mr. Cai was awarded a bachelor’s degree in welding engineering by South China University of Technology* (華南理工大學) (then known as South China Engineering College* (華南工學院)) in the PRC in July 1984. Mr. Cai was certified as an engineer by Guangzhou Science and Technology Committee* (廣州市科學技術委員會) in March 1993.

Mr. Dong Honghui(董紅暉)

Executive Director


        Mr. Dong obtained a bachelor’s degree in material science and engineering from Northwestern Polytechnical University* (西北工業大學) in China in July 1993. Mr. Dong was certified as a mechanical engineer by Guangzhou Personnel Bureau* (廣州市人事局)in January 2003.

Mr. Deng Zhaoshan (鄧兆善)

Executive Director.

         Mr. Deng has over 12 years’ experience in providing solid waste treatment solutions

         Mr. Deng received a bachelor’s degree in Cementitious Material Science from South China University of Technology* (華南理工大學) in China in July 1988. Mr. Deng was certified as a cement production process engineer by Guangdong International Trust & Investment Co., Ltd.* (廣東國際信託投資企业) in November 1995.

Dr. Wang Zhicheng (王志成)

The Chief Scientist, The Deputy General Manager

         Dr. Wang has over 18 years of experience in the environmental protection industry.

         Dr. Wang received a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Sichuan University (四川大學) in China in July 1986, and a master’s degree in chemical engineering from Sinopec Research Institute of Petroleum Processing* (中國石化研究院) in China in January 1991, and the degree of doctor in philosophy in materials science from the Clark Atlanta University in the U.S. in May 1999.

Ms. Huang Ying (黃瑛)

The Deputy General Manager

         Ms. Huang is the partner of Mr. Cai, who has many years of experience in the environmental protection industry.

         Ms. Huang received a college diploma in architectural studies from the Guangdong Architectural Engineering Technical College* (廣東省建築工程專科學校) , and was awarded an architectural design engineer qualification by the Guangzhou First Evaluation Committee of Architectural Engineering Technology Engineer* (廣州市建築工程技術工程師第一評審委員會) .

Mr. Li Zhouxin (李周欣)


         Mr. Li has over 10 years of experience in corporate finance, investment management and strategic planning.

         Mr. Li received a bachelor’s degree in finance from Fuzhou University in China.

Mr. Gu Chunbin (辜淳彬)

Joint Company Secretary

         Ms. Huang has many years of experience in handling corporate governance, investor relations and corporate administrative matters.

         Mr. Gu received a bachelor’s degree in logistics management from Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade* (上海對外貿易學院) in China and concurrently, a bachelor’s degree in business (logistics and supply chain management) from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia in June 2012. He also obtained a master’s degree in media management from the Hong Kong Baptist University in Hong Kong.


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