X-ray CT provides information-rich 3D images. Expanse specializes in pulling out the information you need to address your specific technical challenges. The software we use is built in-house, by us, allowing rapid development of new features and analysis methods to answer your questions.

Additive Manufacturing

Unlock the value of your additive manufacturing equipment. X-ray CT provides insight into your process from the metal feedstock powders to the as-printed part. We can help you understand key relationships between your process parameters (materials and machine-specific settings) and the quality of printed components.

Advanced Materials

Fiber reinforced materials offer stiffness, strength, and toughness. The length and orientation distributions of the fibers affect these properties in the manufactured part. Our novel fiber isolation algorithm is capable of segmenting individual fibers within a material and measuring their length, orientation, and diameter.

“Expanse has provided intuitive visualizations for our industrial collaborators, who require rapid 3D inspection of additively manufactured parts in order to optimize part quality. We appreciate the dedication and personalized service that we have come to expect from Expanse Microtechnologies Inc.”

- Dr. Mihaela Vlasea, Associate Research Director, Multi-Scale Additive Manufacturing Lab, University of Waterloo