Advanced Inspection for Additive Manufacturing: Expanse President Interviewed

James Hinebaugh Discusses Future of Additive Manufacturing

James Hinebaugh, President of Expanse Microtechnologies is featured in the Expert Interviews series by AFMG. James discusses advanced inspection and the role it plays in the development of additive manufacturing materials and technologies. The X-ray computed tomography-based inspection tools developed by his team are shown to be useful at all points along the supply chain. He brings up the key role that a better understanding of powder properties can play in unlocking build consistency across platforms, and he also states that the current process qualification and re-qualification procedures in practice are prohibitive to growth and flexibility. He believes that ultra-high resolution X-ray computed tomography will play a vital role in both of these areas:

We’re actively trying to help solve this problem by standardising methods for tracking machine quality, helping compare machine to machine and powder to powder print behaviour so there is a way to shortcut the requalification process. So if you need to print a part on five new machines, it’s not going to take five times the original qualification effort. There need to be shortcuts developed so that this can be a more fluid manufacturing technique in this area of industry.

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About Expanse:

Expanse Microtechnologies Inc. provides unparalleled advanced inspection with X-ray CT data focused on improving the understanding of additive manufacturing processes and advanced materials. A member of Canada Makes, Expanse is headquartered in Toronto, ON, with a presence in Waterloo, ON, and Victoria, BC. Expanse staff has more than 70 years experience in the acquisition and analysis of X-ray CT data and development of advanced materials and their processing methods. At Expanse, research and industry expertise is devoted to providing customers with the critical analyses needed to guide their product, materials, and process developments.